We have had a great first month and really started to kick things off! I was able to get everything done on my list, with one exception. (On a personal note, the website development was stalled due to having to go to Mississippi for a family emergency, father has severe West Nile. As he recovers, I may be a little slow on updates, but they will happen.)

Latest News
- We adapted a new filly from High Point Stables this month, welcome to the family HPS Pyrite!
- We have our base stock of performance horses. We may add 1 or 2 more additional horses to the roster this month.
- ESRA registrations seem to be on hold, we will register our horses as soon as they are open again.

Coming Updates / To-Do List
- Begin construction on our Breeding Facilities.
- Website design updates, redesign front page.
- Add picture gallery.
- Update About Us page with bio and information regarding Ronnie and family.
- Add new affiliates to list.

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